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El Sr. Fernández fue admitido para ejercer la abogacía como abogado penalista de Boston en el Mancomunidad de Massachusetts, Illinois, Missouri, y en el Tribunal de Distrito de Massachusetts de los Estados Unidos. Anteriormente trabajó como fiscal de distrito en la ciudad de St. Louis antes de ingresar a la práctica privada. Su negocio se concentra en todo tipo de defensa criminal y es un experto en la industria en todos los asuntos relacionados con el derecho penal. El Sr. Fernández ha sido abogado principal en numerosos juicios con experiencia en los tribunales estatales y federales. El abogado Frank Fernández habla español con fluidez y disfruta servir a la comunidad latina como un abogado criminal en Boston.

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La Firma Fernández ha estado sirviendo a comunidades de habla hispana por más de 25 años.

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If you’re facing criminal charges in Boston, it’s essential to find a defense attorney with an impressive track record of success. That’s where Boston criminal defense lawyer Frank Fernandez, Esq. comes into play; with over twenty-five years of experience defending clients in various criminal cases, Attorney Frank Fernandez has earned himself a reputation as one of Boston’s premier criminal defense lawyers. Here’s why you should contact  Boston criminal defense attorney Fernandez for help with your charges:

Expertise in Criminal Defense

Attorney Fernandez has dedicated his career to representing those facing criminal charges. His representation ranges from drug crimes and domestic violence cases to white-collar offenses and homicide. With expert knowledge of the criminal justice system and an intimate understanding of complex laws and procedures that apply in these matters, you can rest assured knowing you have an experienced and knowledgeable advocate on your side.

Individualized Care for Your Case

Effective criminal defense requires taking time to understand each case’s unique circumstances. Attorney Fernandez takes a personalized approach to every case he handles; he will listen intently, comprehend your goals, and craft an approach tailored specifically to your circumstance. You can count on Attorney Fernandez to be accessible, responsive, and attentive throughout every step of the legal process.

Proven Results in Court
Attorney Fernandez’s accomplishments speak for themselves. He has achieved numerous dismissals, acquittals and favorable plea deals for his clients over the years – a testament to his skill as a litigator and commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes. When you work with Attorney Fernandez, you can rest assured that he will fight tirelessly to uphold your rights and fight for freedom.

Compassionate and Respectful Representation

Criminal charges can be an incredibly stressful and overwhelming experience for those involved. Attorney Fernandez understands the emotional toll that criminal cases take on his clients and their families, so he approaches each case with empathy, compassion, and respect. His goal is to minimize any impact the legal process has on your life or that of those close to you; furthermore, he will fight tirelessly to defend your rights and safeguard your future.

Client Testimonials
Don’t just take our word for it. Our satisfied clients have left numerous glowing testimonials about their experiences working with Attorney Fernandez. They praise his professionalism, expertise, and commitment to his clients’ cases. Here’s what one recent client had to say:

“Frank Fernandez is an outstanding Boston criminal lawyer. He represented me in a serious criminal case and achieved an outcome that far exceeded my expectations. His expertise, compassion, and commitment to serving his client’s best interests made him stand out from other attorneys. I am thankful to have had him as my attorney and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.”

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If you’re facing criminal charges in Boston, don’t wait to get the legal assistance that you need. Contact Boston criminal lawyer Frank Fernandez today to book a free consultation and benefit from his expertise, personalized attention, successful results and compassionate representation. With him on your side, you can be confident that the best defense is being mounted for you.

What Boston Criminal Defense Attorney Offers

If you are the target of an investigation or have been arrested by a Massachussets State or Federal Law Enforcement Agency, you are in need of immediate assistance from a Boston area criminal lawyer. Frank Fernandez can help you take the important steps to protect your rights, freedom and reputation.

Expiernced Lawyer

Frank Fernandez, whose main office is based in Boston, is a lawyer who has been practicing law for over 25 years...

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Ex fiscal, el Sr. Fernández es ahora un abogado criminalista en Boston dedicado a ayudar a los acusados ​​de delitos ...

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La información es poder y ayuda a tranquilizarte, al menos cuando se trata del miedo a lo desconocido. Una consulta gratuita ...

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El Sr. Fernández es un abogado criminal experimentado que se tomará el tiempo de explicar cada paso de su caso del criminal ...

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El estrés y la ansiedad causados ​​por ser arrestado y acusado de un delito pueden ser abrumadores; llamar a un abogado criminal ...

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Frank Fernández, cuya oficina principal se encuentra en Boston, es un abogado que lleva más de 20 años practicando leyes ...

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Mr. Fernandez’s criminal law experience in Boston is extensive with a very wide area of practice covering criminal charges in State District Courts throughout all of Massachusetts, the State Superior Court, and the US federal court. The Fernandez Firm can handle any type of matter whether it’s a small criminal violation or a large federal drug conspiracy. Attorney Frank Fernandez is a criminal lawyer in Boston who has over 25 years of experience handling major criminal matters throughout all of Massachusetts. The practice areas listed here are just an example of the types of criminal cases The Fernandez Firm handles.

When should I call a Boston criminal lawyer?

A: Debe llamar a un abogado de defensa criminal en Boston tan pronto como pueda después de un arresto o si cree que lo están investigando. Un experimentado abogado criminalista de Boston puede aconsejarle qué puede esperar y cuál es su mejor curso de acción. Es mejor no hablar con la policía hasta que haya consultado a un abogado penalista, tiene derecho a permanecer en silencio y puede ser conveniente para usted declarar ese derecho.

Puede algún abogado criminalista en Boston apelar mi caso?

A: No todos los Abogados Penalistas de Boston manejan las apelaciones. Necesita encontrar un abogado criminal que se especialice en trabajo de apelación. Las apelaciones criminales son muy diferentes del juicio del caso. Un abogado criminalista de Boston debe revisar las transcripciones de su juicio o su declaración para ver si existen motivos para solicitar que el tribunal de apelaciones anule el caso. Ganar una apelación no significa que el caso haya terminado, el caso simplemente se envía de vuelta al tribunal de primera instancia para corregir el error que puede requerir cualquier cosa, desde una nueva audiencia de sentencia hasta un juicio completamente nuevo.

Iré a la cárcel por posesión de drogas?

A: It all depends on the type of drugs, quantity and your criminal record. It is<br /> rare for a first-time drug offender charged with simple possession to receive a jail sentence. But if you are in possession of a large number of drugs that are considered Trafficking in drugs and can carry long mandatory minimum sentences ranging up to 15 years. For more specific advice as to your situation, it is best to call a Boston criminal lawyer for a free consultation.

Cuándo puede mi ser querido regresar a mi hogar después de un arresto por agresión y agresión doméstica?

A: When police arrive at a call for Domestic Assault and Battery, they will immediately separate the parties and inquire of each as to what happened. Upon any allegation of a threat or an unwanted physical touching against the other, they make an arrest. They do this to avoid leaving the scene and parties together in a situation which may escalate into further violence. The police do not want to be held responsible for having left a dangerous suspect with a victim only having to return later to a potentially much worse situation. They have a zero-tolerance policy and will arrest on just the mere allegation of an assault or threat. Usually once arrested the party is taken to court the next day and released on conditions. The prosecutor usually attempts to reach the victim and inquire as to whether they would like the other party to be ordered by the court to stay away and have no contact from the victim and the home. A victim is also informed of their rights to obtain a restraining order. If the victim would like the arrested party to be able to have contact and return home they should try to get in touch with the prosecutor’s office as soon as possible the next day to inform them of this. At times the prosecutor will ask the court for the parties to stay away and have no contact even though they never spoke to the victim in the case. You should call a Boston criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to protect both your rights if arrested or the victim of domestic assault and battery.

Qué hacer si he recibido una citación?

A: Llame a un abogado criminalista de Boston, un abogado criminal experimentado le ofrecerá una consulta gratuita por teléfono y lo orientará sobre lo que puede esperar. Una citación puede ser para una variedad de cosas, para que usted comparezca como testigo de un evento, ya sea en un juicio o en un gran jurado, puede ser para usted presentar documentos o puede presentarse como acusado en un caso en el que Usted está siendo acusado de un delito. Un abogado criminalista de Boston puede aconsejarle mejor sobre la citación y su mejor curso de acción.

Qué hacer después de una parada de tráfico?

A: It is best to keep your hands in plain sight on the steering wheel and politely answer and follow the officer’s instructions. Police are trained, and for good reason, to approach each vehicle as if the party inside may be armed and dangerous. In the police academy cadets are shown videos of routine traffic stops where officers are shot down in cold blood for not being vigilant when approaching a vehicle. An officer being cautious and standoffish is merely doing his job and being safe. Show respect to the officer, follow his commands and be polite. This will give you the best chance of getting out of a stop with possibly just a warning rather than a ticket or being arrested. Never challenge the Officers authority or engage in an argument; in over 25 years of practicing as a Boston criminal lawyer and prosecutor before that, I have never seen one case in which this behavior has helped a person, in the alternative I have seen it led to more serious charges being brought against them.

Recibí una notificación para una audiencia de magistrado de secretario, ¿qué debo esperar? ¿Necesito un abogado?

A: A clerk magistrate hearing is a probable cause hearing in which a clerk decides whether a charge should issue against you, which would then start the criminal process. It is always best to attend a clerk magistrate hearing with an attorney to give you the best chance of avoiding being charged. Anything you say at these hearings can be used against you in any further proceedings, so it is best to speak with a Boston criminal lawyer who can advise you about your situation and how best to proceed. As a Boston criminal lawyer, I have attended hundreds of these hearings and have had great success in avoiding charges being issued against my clients.

Si estoy en los Estados Unidos con una visa de estudiante o cualquier tipo de visa de inmigrante, ¿qué pasará si me acusan de un delito?

A: Si usted es un estudiante internacional o se encuentra en los EE. UU. Con cualquier tipo de visa, debe tener mucho cuidado con la forma en que maneja las denuncias penales en su contra. El solo hecho de ser acusado de un delito puede llevar a la revocación de su visa y posiblemente ser removible. Es mejor no viajar fuera de los EE. UU. Antes de hablar con un abogado penalista de Boston y un abogado de inmigración de Boston. Se puede revocar una visa de estudiante, pero al estudiante todavía se le puede permitir que termine sus estudios a veces, sería viajar fuera de los EE. UU. Lo que podría llevarlo a no ser readmitido nuevamente en los EE. UU. Que le prohibiría terminar sus estudios. La inmigración es un área de la ley muy complicada y mucho depende de los cargos penales específicos, lo mejor es llamar a un abogado de defensa criminal de Boston para obtener asesoramiento lo antes posible.

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