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Five Things to Consider Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in Boston

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When charged with a criminal offense in Boston, it could be frightening and stressful. It can also be very confusing and worrisome when you consider the life-altering consequences you stand to face. That is if you fail to get a good Boston criminal defense attorney to help you weather the legal storm.

In such a situation, choosing a criminal defense attorney becomes terrifying because you are faced with the reality that your future lies in the hands of your chosen attorney.

For this reason, before you make a final decision to pick a particular criminal defense attorney in Boston, you have to do your due diligence painstakingly. Doing so will ensure that whoever you hire will give you the best representation possible, and most likely pursue your case to a favorable conclusion.

To help you make the most suitable selection for your criminal case, here are five questions to consider before hiring any criminal defense attorney in Boston:

  1. What is Their Track Record?

When you put different attorneys’ side-by-side, you may find that some of them have a similar level of experience and specialty. In a situation like this, the perfect yardstick to use in gauging the best selection for your case will be their track record.

When talking to these attorneys, you should feel comfortable asking them about their win and loss records. You can also speak to past clients to have an idea of what their win-to-loss ratio looks like. While at this, bear in mind that though no attorney is expected to have a 100% winning streak, having far more losses than wins says a lot about their experience level.

  1. What is Their Level of Experience?

When it comes to selecting a professional in any given field, there is no substitute for experience. While looking at the experience as a parameter, note that having years of experience in criminal defense as a whole is not all that matters. The criminal defense attorney that’s best suited for you is the one who has more experience handling cases similar to yours.

Before you make your selection, ask the attorney if he/she has handled multiple cases like yours in the past. Also, try to inquire what strategies would be more effective in handling cases like yours.

  1. What is Communication Like?

While the relationship and communication between you and your attorney should be professional, you must feel comfortable communicating with who you choose to represent you in court. If you find that an attorney is not open or very responsive to your questions, you are better off shopping for someone else.

  1. Is The Attorney Reputable?

The reputation of an attorney is another critical factor to consider. While some attorneys have a reputation for successfully handling big and complex cases, some are best suited for small profile cases.

More importantly, you want to ask around to know if the lawyer you are considering is reputed for being ethical and knowledgeable, or getting their clients burnt.

  1. How Are You Going to Be Billed?

Because there are several billing parameters an attorney can use (e.g., hourly, retainer, flat fee, etc.), you must have the terms of billing well spelled out. The last thing you’d want along the way is to start feeling cheated by your attorney, as it could affect your confidence in him/her – which can negatively affect your case.

Once you have gotten answers to these crucial questions, you can stack all your options side by side and go ahead to make an informed selection of the best criminal defense attorney for your case.

If you are looking for a highly experienced Boston criminal defense attorney, who meets and exceeds all the considerations above, then contact Attorney Frank Fernandez by filling the form on our contact page or calling us at 1 (617) 393-0250 for a free consultation about your case. What can you expect on the free consultation phone call? Learn more here ==>Https://helpwithcriminalcases.com

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