Driving under the Influence

Driving Under the Influence in Boston: What Can Happen?

Out of all the offenses that one can commit in Boston, drunk driving stands as the more serious one because of the consequences it implicates and the potential danger involved. 

Although drunk driving has already been recognized as one of the most prevalent issues in the US, it is an especially serious crime in the state because of how common it can be. Considering that such a “minor” mistake of driving while under the influence bears the potential for severe consequences, it’s easy to see why the state government itself has taken a stricter stance.

From a general standpoint, Massachusetts has the strictest approach to DUI violations because of how dedicated it is to deterring such violations from taking place. Through fully-equipped traffic police professionals and constant reinforcements of proper education, the rates at which drivers are caught and punished for drunk driving are far lower now. 

While there are many different elements to focus on as you educate yourself on more reasons not to drive under the influence, there’s one facet of Massachusetts’ approach that stands out: The penalties involved for the offense.

Crime and punishment

Besides having the strictest drunk driving laws in place, Massachusetts (especially in Boston) enforces the most severe punishments partnered with strict monitoring. Compared to other states in the US, our state follows a far greater standard when it comes to preventing drivers from putting their own lives and those of the drivers and pedestrians around them at risk. However, beyond the already-strict first offense penalties, severe repercussions await for additional Operating Under the Influence (OUI) and DUI convictions. 

If you’re still quite unaware of how Massachusetts treats road violators, here’s a comprehensive guide on the different instances of DUI or OUI violations and the punishments they entail:

First-offense DUIs and OUIs

Often seen as a deterrent of the highest degree, first offense OUIs or DUIs are handled quite intensely with serious penalties and consequences.

For starters, such crimes or violations that are committed for the first time are met with a loss of one’s driver’s license for 45 days to three months and $500 to $5,000 in fines. Alongside the monetary and confiscation-related penalties, violators will also need to attend a weekly alcohol awareness program and take a hit on their criminal record while facing the possibility of up to a year of imprisonment!

Second-offense DUIs and OUIs

When a driver is caught under the influence while operating along Boston’s highways and thoroughfares for the second time, what follows after is something more severe.

Once you are caught for a second offense, you may end up owing anywhere between $600 and $10,000 in fines and potentially lose your license for good, depending on the issues that occur. In terms of imprisonment, a second violation can result in anywhere between a 30-day sentence and two and a half years in prison. However, in some cases, imprisonment can be replaced with a 14-day stay at an inpatient treatment center instead. 

Third-offense DUIs and OUIs

Once a Boston native is caught committing either one of the crimes in question for the third time, then they are guaranteed to experience a lengthy mandatory jail sentence of at least 150 days. However, it is also worth noting that any offense that follows after is subject to even lengthier imprisonment and additional fines that will be determined in court.

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When it comes to committing any crime in Boston, it’s worth noting that not many violations hold the same degree of repercussions as driving under the influence or operating under the influence. Through this guide’s help, you can best educate yourself to avoid such consequences so that you don’t end up putting your life or the lives of those around you at stake!

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