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Immigration Law

Immigration Law

If you are not a US citizen but are here as a permanent resident or with a temporary visa, criminal charges may cause immigration to either seek deportation or prohibit you from returning to the US if you were to leave. People who have overstayed their visa or who have entered the country illegally may also cause immigration to take action against them by getting arrested and charged with a crime.

Criminal charges may be the least worry a person faces if not a US citizen. Frank Fernandez works closely with the Latin community and has represented many people facing immigration consequences from criminal charges. Immigration law is very complicated it is important that you consult with a criminal defense lawyer who understands and can advise you of the immigration affects of the criminal charges.

Many people plead guilty or make an admission to a criminal charge having no idea that by doing so immigration customs enforcement (ICE) is able to detain them and seek their deportation. Recently immigration and state law enforcement agencies have begun to communicate and work closely together in passing information about new arrests with the purpose of deporting criminal defendants who have committed serious offenses. In this effort many immigrants who do not have a criminal record but were caught for petty offenses such as driving without a license or shoplifting have been reported to immigration and face deportation.

As a Spanish speaker and an experienced Boston criminal defense lawyer Frank Fernandez has been representing clients in the Latin community for many years. He has represented many clients who have been swept up by immigration for petty offenses. If you have been arrested and are not a US citizen whether here on a visa or illegally it is best to be represented by an attorney who can advise you not only of the criminal affects of your case but more importantly the potential immigration affects the case may have.

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