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Prostitution, Soliciting a Prostitute

Prostitution, Soliciting a Prostitute

Massachusetts law makes it a crime to offer to engage in sexual conduct for a fee. A person does not have to engage in sexual conduct, it is enough if the Commonwealth can prove that you agreed to pay money for some type of sexual conduct or agree to perform some kind of sexual act in exchange for money.

You can be charged with solicitation by reaching an agreement to exchange money or something of value for a sexual act in return.

A person charged under engaging in sexual conduct for a fee to face up to one year in the House corrections or a $500 fine.

Law enforcement in Massachusetts patrols the Internet and sites such as craigslist searching for people offering sex for a fee. At times law enforcement will even post an ad offering sex for a fee and lure suspects to a hotel where an undercover officer will reach an agreement with the suspect to perform some type of sex act for a fee at which time the suspect will then be arrested.

Attorney Fernandez has achieved great results for clients facing solicitation and prostitution charges, view Case Results to see some of the success stories related to these types of charges. If you have been charged with solicitation or prostitution in Boston or throughout Massachusetts contact us to receive a free consultation from an experienced Boston criminal defense attorney.

Mayor Marty Walsh and the city of Boston have taken and new stance as to prostitution and consider a prostitute someone who potentially is the victim of sex trafficking. The focus now is more on curbing prostitution by arresting those soliciting prostitutes. A person who is arrested by responding to an Internet ad for sex for a fee will face charges of solicitation and will have to go to court related to these types of charges. It is important to retain a criminal attorney with experience with solicitation and sex for a fee charges. Attorney Frank Fernandez has handled numerous cases on behalf of clients charged with solicitation and obtained dismissals of these charges protecting the clients record and avoiding public humiliation.

The City of Boston believes that by arresting the John, the person seeking services, that they will then curb prostitution in general by arresting and humiliating those seeking sex for a fee. Stings are routinely set up to try to catch those soliciting prostitutes. Police will go undercover as prostitutes and post online luring perspective clients to hotels and then arresting them once an agreement is in place for sex for a fee. It is then the clients word versus the undercover officers were as to what was said related to the agreement and once in court there is the possibility that a clients name may become public. attorney Fernandez is very experienced at obtaining dismissals for these types of cases and avoiding public attention.

These cases must be handled very delicately to obtain a result in which a client is not exposed to public humiliation. Once these matters are dismissed they can be sealed through proper motions after a dismissal is obtained. Frank Fernandez is experienced in both resolving the matters and sealing a clients record so that they do not have to answer to future employers or a graduate University as to the arrest for this type of an offense.

Feel free to call for a free consultation related to your specific case if charged with solicitation of sex for a fee.

Websites such as craigslist and Backpage are routinely checked by local law-enforcement who respond to ads with the intent of arresting those offering sex for a fee or place their own ad in attempts to arrest those seeking sex for a fee. Be very careful in using Internet websites for the solicitation of prostitutes or to offer services of sex for a fee.


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