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Shoplifting is the taking of merchandise from a store with the intent to keep it permanently. If the value of the merchandise taken is over $250 it can be charged as a larceny over $250 making it a felony in Massachusetts. A shoplifting conviction can carry a fine of up to $250 if the value of the merchandise is less than $100; a $500 fine for a subsequent offense and 2 years in the house of corrections for a third or subsequent offense.

A majority of shoplifting charges in Massachusetts s are petty crimes committed by people who have no prior criminal record and steal or shoplift out of impulse control or other behavioral issues totally unrelated to the act itself. Some people with impulse control or untreated behavioral issues end up with multiple arrests and convictions without even realizing the reasons they are engaging in such high risk behavior. We work with experts who can help explain to the Court that actions like these are impulse control issues that can be treated and controlled through counseling rather than in a criminal conviction on someone’s permanent record. If you are charged with a theft crime like shoplifting whether it be a petty crime or a much more serious felony in Boston or anywhere in Massachusetts. Call attorney Frank Fernandez now for a free consultation, 617-393-0250.

Students and non-US citizens who are charged with shoplifting must be very careful in the way that their case is disposed. A noncitizen may face immigration consequences from shoplifting a charge if the amount is over $250 and it is charged as a larceny over 250. Two convictions of misdemeanor shoplifting are considered crimes of moral turpitude and can also trigger deportation or non admissability for non-US citizen.

Students must avoid a conviction for these types of offenses so they do not have to answer for this type of crime on their record to future employers or graduate schools.

Attorney Frank Fernandez has handled many shoplifting cases for both non-US citizens and university students. He has avoided convictions and achieved dismissals on these matters to protect his clients interests. If you were charged with a shoplifting charge or larceny over 250 related to theft from a store it is important to call a criminal lawyer with experience handling these matters. Many times a client will receive notice in the mail for a clerk magistrate’s hearing related to a shoplifting charge, it is important to have a Boston criminal attorney present with you at the clerk magistrate hearing to attempt to avoid the charge being issued. Attorney Fernandez has had great success in convincing the clerk magistrate not to move forward on a charge and in saving his clients from having to go before the judge and the prosecutor and face criminal charges for these offenses.

Even in cases in which a client has had prior shoplifting incident’s attorney Fernandez has been able to resolve the matter still avoiding any conviction and protecting his clients future. If you are facing a clerk magistrate hearing or an arraignment on shoplifting over $100 or a larceny over $250 you can receive expert advice and representation by calling now for a free consultation.

Having worked with the Latin community for over 12 years in the Boston area attorney Fernandez is very aware of the immigration consequences of these types of crimes and will do everything he can to protect your immigration status.


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