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Unarmed Robbery

Unarmed Robbery

Unarmed robbery is the criminal offense of taking property of another person by force or threatening the use of force. Unlike the offense of armed robbery a weapon is not needed just the threat of force or use of force in any way to obtain the property of another person that is in their immediate control.

Unarmed robbery, if convicted, can carry up to life imprisonment. The majority of these cases involve witness identification issues. It is important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer challenge the evidence in the case. Motions to suppress evidence must be filed when there are issues with how the victim has identified the suspect. Frank Fernandez is an experienced Boston criminal attorney who was challenged identification issues in robbery cases. Our firm works closely with experts who can educate a jury as to the difficulty in eyewitness identification and cross racial identification issues. Many old identification convictions have been reversed through DNA testing which has shown that the victim had misidentified the perpetrator. The difficulty in eyewitness identification cases must be explained to a jury, this can be done through expert testimony which will help a jury understand how in a moment of stress and panic one’s ability to remember and recall is actually less reliable.

If you are being investigated for an unarmed robbery, or if you have been charged contact criminal defense attorney Frank Fernandez to receive a free consultation.


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