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Pre-Arrest and Grand jury Investigations

Pre-Arrest and Grand Jury Investigations

The police have no duty to inform you that you are being investigated for a crime, you may be the target of an investigation without even knowing. As a target you may even be summonsed to appear at a state or federal grand jury proceeding to give testimony under oath or asked to come in to give a statement to a detective. It is essential that you get the advice of a criminal defense attorney before giving any statement to the police. You have a right to remain silent, before you give up that right it is important to know whether it is in your best interest. It is only natural to want to explain yourself in hopes that once they understand your position they will be sympathetic to your situation; understand that the police will use any admission as evidence against you. At times cooperation with the police may be in your best interest but is not to be done alone, you need a criminal defense lawyer to make sure that the police or prosecutor give you the full benefit of being up front and honest with them.

If you have received a summons to appear in front of a grand jury you need to contact us to receive advice before appearing to testify, anything you say to the grand jury will be under oath, recorded and used against you if incriminating. If you lie to a grand jury you can be prosecuted for perjury. You have a right to remain silent and not testify if what you say can be interpreted as an admission to a crime.

Boston criminal lawyer Frank Fernandez has successfully represented clients being investigated for a variety of crimes. By getting an attorney involved early he can speak on your behalf to the detective or prosecutor investigating the case and can explain your side without you having to make any statements at all. Attorney Fernandez has successfully been able to negotiate the resolution of many investigations without any criminal charges being issued against his clients. If you suspect that the police are investigating you or if you have been contacted by the police seeking an interview or to appear in front of a grand jury contact us immediately for a free consultation.


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