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Conspiracy or Acting With Others in Furtherance of a Crime

The charge of conspiracy allows the state or federal government to charge a person who has done any act in furtherance of a crime. This charge casts a wide net because it allows the state to charge someone with an underlying crime just for having done anything that can be viewed as having assisted in the crime.

A group of people can be held responsible for a crime if it is shown that each one of them had acted to advance the goal of committing the crime. It is not necessary that a person know the full extent of the conspiracy or all of its participants, rather all that needs to be shown is that the person did some act to help advance the goal of the conspiracy.

Conspiracy charges are commonly seen in federal and state court related to drug charges. This is a charge which allows the state to accuse a large group of acting together to violate state or federal law.

Conspiracy cast a wide net in which everyone who is a part of the conspiracy can be held responsible for acts of others that are committed during the conspiracy. To join a conspiracy there does not have to be a written or even a verbal agreement, just some type of evidence that a person agrees to act with others. The person does not even have to be the one who commits an act in furtherance of the conspiracy as long as one member of the conspiracy commits an act to further the conspiracy all those who are considered to have been a part of that conspiracy can be held responsible based on that one persons act.

Someone can be held responsible just for aiding and abetting a person in the conspiracy. This charge can make a person be held responsible for large drug quantities even if their role was a small one. In federal court if charged in a drug conspiracy a person could be held responsible for any quantity that was foreseeable it does not have to been known to the client just a foreseeable quantity that the conspiracy may be dealing with. This also is true for loss amounts when it comes to financial crimes such as healthcare fraud, wire fraud, or mail fraud all of which can be charged as a conspiracy is well.

The charge is less frequently seen in state court but does exist and the definition is mainly the same: to act with others in furtherance of the crime with at least one person committing an act which was in furtherance of the crime.

Having practiced criminal law in Boston for many years and with over 21 years of experience Frank Fernandez can best advise you as to how to deal with the criminal charge of conspiracy and how it relates to a drug offense, money laundering, theft, or any other crime. It is important to speak with a Boston criminal lawyer who is aware of the best defense possible for such a crime. Call Frank Fernandez for free consultation related to your criminal case.

Federal crimes are those which violate federal laws they can be also the same offense as in a state court. Federal and state courts have different jurisdictions but can be applied to the same case. Usually only one or the other takes on the case. Although someone can be charged based on the same acts in both state and federal court it is routinely handled in either one or the other.

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