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Criminal Defense

Mr. Fernandez’s criminal experience is extensive with a very wide area of practice covering criminal charges in State District Courts throughout all of Massachusetts, State Superior Court and the US federal court. We can handle any type of matter whether it’s a small criminal violation or large federal drug conspiracy. Attorney Frank Fernandez is a criminal lawyer in Boston who has over 21 years of experience handling major criminal matters throughout all of Massachusetts. The practice areas listed here are just an example of the types of cases he handles.

It is important to call a criminal lawyer as quickly as possible to get advice as to your particular situation.

Mr. Fernandez has helped many people in the investigation stage of the case. If the police want to speak with you call an attorney before meeting with them. At times it may be helpful to give your statement to the police especially if you’ve done nothing wrong. But you should have an attorney present and your statement should be recorded. If there is the chance that you may make an admission or what you say might be misconstrued or can be easily misinterpreted then without a doubt speak with an attorney and do not make any statements until you do.

The majority of times statements to the police are not recorded their merely summarized by a detective in a police report and often do not reflect what was said in the meeting. Way too often a client reads the report related to what he told the detective to only find himself in shock as to how his words were turned around and misconstrued. There have been numerous instances where a police report reflects a client making an admission to facts or actions which would assist the prosecutor in proving him guilty when in fact no such admissions were ever made.

Attorney Fernandez has had numerous jury trials related to large quantities of drugs, violent offenses such as assault and battery including Domestic violence cases and has resolved thousands of matters favorably for his clients. Attorney Fernandez is very aware of the effect a criminal case could have on someone’s immigration status and is very careful to manage a client’s criminal matter to avoid any immigration effect. It is important if you are not a US citizen to speak with a criminal attorney who has your immigration status in mind. Many criminal lawyers resolve cases without taking into consideration the immigration effect that it may have on a client. Now under Massachusetts law a criminal defense attorney must make the client aware of the immigration effect of his case. Attorney Fernandez is very aware of the immigration consequences a criminal case may have and the immigration effects such as removability and admissibility. Immigration consequences are kept very much in mind when handling a clients criminal case.

If the matter that you are charged with or are being investigated for is not listed in this practice area feel free to call and your case will receive personal attention and receive a free consultation.

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