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Mr. Fernandez represents many people in the Latin community. As a Spanish speaker, Mr. Fernandez is able to help those who do not speak English in understanding their case and getting the best results possible.
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Frank Fernandez

Partner / Criminal Lawyer

As a prosecutor, Mr. Fernandez handled a wide range of cases and gained valuable trial experience. Now as a defense attorney that experience is used to help clients obtain the best results possible in their cases.

Attorney Frank Fernandez


Frank Fernandez has over 25 years of litigation experience in both complex civil and criminal matters. Criminal cases he handles range from State district court matters to large Federal Conspiracy cases. As a former prosecutor, he is able to build the best defense possible for his criminal clients having had extensive trial experience in both prosecuting and defending cases as a Boston criminal lawyer.


Areas of Expertise


  • Criminal Defense
  • Operating Under the Influence
  • Drug-Related Charges
  • Soliciting a Prostitute




  • 25 Years Trial Attorney
  • Former Prosecutor
  • Million Dollar Settlement
  • Personal Injury Expert



Attorney Fernandez has been involved in large civil litigation cases involving personal injury and death. He was involved with the “Big Dig” case a wrongful death case in which a faulty ceiling panel fell on to a passing car killing the wife of the plaintiff. After numerous depositions and settlement talks, the matter was resolved short of trial with the plaintiff receiving a 23-Million-dollar settlement. He has been involved in other wrongful death claims resolving in multi-million-dollar settlements.


Practicing now as a criminal lawyer in Boston Mr. Fernandez has represented clients facing all types of charges. He has represented cases ranging from drug possession, possession with intent to distribute drugs, trafficking in drugs and distribution of drugs. He represents people in both state and federal court. Other matters handled range from simple assault and battery to domestic assault and battery to violent crime such as armed robbery.

Why Frank Fernandez’s Representation is Invaluable for Your Case


Only an experienced lawyer can navigate the complex legal rules involving your situation, develop a solid case and argue it with a conviction for the best possible outcome. Frank Fernandez has experience on his side, a strong track record, and spectacular people skills that he leverages for numerous advantages, from evidence gathering to negotiating and of course interacting with you. Attorney Fernandez approaches every case with sensitivity and honesty, at no time do you feel stressed out or manipulated; Frank is passionate about involving you in the process to the extent that you become an informed plaintiff in control of your case and equipped with a full understanding of options and outcomes.



Washington University Law School,
St. Louis, MO.
Juris Doctoris, ’93


Boston College
B.A Psychology, 1990

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