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What You Need to Know About Surprise Medical Bills

Unfortunately, surprise medical bills are back. You, or someone you know, have likely fallen victim to such practices, which pertains to the unexpected high charges a patient receives after getting medical care from a doctor. This is especially most common from doctors or hospitals out of the patient’s insurance coverage, making the situation even worse than it sounds. 

Given the sudden rise of this issue, it has now garnered the attention of the Congress. To counter this problem, high-profile legislation has been introduced to both the House and the Senate. The legislation prompts both insurers and medical providers to address the surprise billings, leaving the consumers out of the question. Unfortunately, this has prompted the other group to fight back against what has been dubbed to be an “unfair” perspective. 

The brewing trouble: What’s happening now?

The surprise medical bill legislation is an effort to help consumers deal with high medical charges, especially those who have fallen prey to dealing with out-of-network providers instead of their insurers. Most surprise bills come from specialty physicians, such as radiologists, emergency room doctors, and anesthesiologists. 

Their insurance, then, only covers a small portion of the services, and sometimes none at all. They’re left to deal with the entire medical costs, all without the help of their insurance. For the average American, such costs can send their entire life savings down the drain. 

Although legislation remains to be debated in the House and Senate, States like New York and California are taking matters into their own hands. The Congress, however, insists that surprise bills should be taken as a nationwide issue—with new bills popping up and debates being conducted, the bills have now become a hopeful sign for most consumers. 

Trips to the emergency room may have been dreaded, even when dealing with broken limbs—all because of outrageous hospital costs. With luck, however, people will now have access to healthcare even more. 

What can you do?

As debates continue and the legislation process lingers, it’s best to know how to protect yourself against this medical malpractice. If you wish to save yourself from an unwarranted surprise bill, remember to request an estimate of the medical procedure. It’s your right as a citizen and consumer to know how much the medical procedures cost. This way, you’re able to choose when and where you’ll be treated, ensuring that your insurance and financial status can afford medical care. They must provide you with the following items, to be given two days after the request:

  • How much the health care provider will receive from your insurance
  • How much you will be charged without insurance
  • How much an out-of-network will charge you, especially when paying out of pocket 

Get Additional Protection—Hire the Best Lawyers in Boston

Given the current state of the country and the healthcare industry, surprise medical bills now run rampant. Unfortunately, many fall victim to medical malpractice, leaving people with little to no savings left and insurance they can no longer afford. Remember that healthcare is a human right—it should never be expensive. People are one expensive medical bill away from poverty and if you’ve fallen victim to such practices, do not hesitate to fight for your rights. 

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