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How to Handle When a Family Member Is Charged With a Crime

Witnessing a family member or loved one get arrested is a traumatizing, emotional and tragic experience. After the arrest is made, it is likely that you and your family will have to make crucial decisions within the next few days about what course of action to take. It doesn’t matter whether your family member is guilty or innocent. What really matters is how you and the rest of your family handle the situation following the arrest.

It is understandable that you may have a million questions all buzzing in your head at once. Emotions may be running high and it may be very easy to feel afraid during this trying time. However, no matter how hard it is to believe, things will normalize. 

Here are a few tips to help you and your loved ones make smart decisions when faced with this unfortunate situation:

1 – Understand the Crime They Were Charged with

It is crucial that you fully understand why your family member was arrested. While the arrest is taking place, gather as much information as possible about what crimes were violated and the possible punishments for these crimes. Keep these in mind and give all of these information to your lawyer later.

2 – Keep Yourself Out of It

Your first instinct is to try to help, but it may be safer for you to try and keep out of it. This may be particularly helpful if you are certain that your family member is guilty of the crime. You may be charged as an accessory to the crime or trying to harbor a fugitive if you try to prevent the arrest from happening by hiding them in your home.

3 – Help by Finding a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

One of the best ways you can help your family member is to take them to a reliable criminal defense attorney who has handled similar cases before. Lawyers will be the best people to seek advice from in situations like these. Criminal defense lawyers will know what to do and how to handle the situation moving forward. They will also help set the scene to get the best possible outcome for your family member.

4 – Offer Emotional Support

Even if you are certain that your family member is guilty of the charge against them, it is still a good idea to offer emotional support to them. This is especially true if you have a good relationship with the family member who was arrested. Keep in mind that having strong support from family will give the person reason to rethink their life and keep them away from these sorts of situations again in the future.


In the end, finding the right criminal defense lawyer will give your family member the best chances of having a good outcome in their trial. A good lawyer, coupled with solid support and acceptance from family and loved ones will help improve the situation for your arrested family member.

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