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What to Do When Accused of a Sexual Assault Charge

Sexual assault is one of the most serious offenses one may be accused of. The punishments one would face if proven guilty are among the harshest in the justice system. It is no joke to be accused of this offense. Though false accusations are rare, it pays to speak up if you have been wrongfully accused. 

However, thinking that the allegation will simply disappear just because you think you are innocent is a grave mistake which will cost you dearly if you do not take a stand. This is why you must take action the moment that you suspect that someone is trying to falsely accuse you of this crime. 

If you are in this situation at present, your mind must be racing with questions. What is the first thing you should do? Should I confront the accuser? Before you do anything, read on. This blog post will instruct you on exactly what you have to do to defend yourself from your accuser. 

What to Do When Accused of a Sexual Assault Charge

If you ever hear that you are being accused of sexual assault but know that you are innocent, here are the steps you can take to give you a chance at the best possible outcome.

1 – Do Not Mention It to Anyone

The first instinct you may have will be to talk to someone about the problem. However, it is crucial that you go against this instinct and keep your thoughts to yourself. It is crucial that you never attempt to make statements to anyone. Do not try to clear your name to your accuser and do not confide in any family members or friends.

2 – Do Not Talk to the Police

Not making a statement to anyone includes the police. If the police attempt to contact you for your side of the story, never talk to them without a lawyer. Keep in mind the first line in the Miranda Rights: you have the right to remain silent. You do not want to be put in a situation where you said something that could later be twisted into something else. 

3 – Make a List of Possible Witnesses

Instead of trying to talk to people, you should use your time in creating a list of witnesses. Think of possible people that have seen you interact with your accuser. Maybe you know people who have been wrongfully accused by this person before? List down people who know you well and will be able to attest to being with you during the time that the assault allegedly happened. 

4 – Find a Good Attorney

Once you will have come up with these names, take your list to a lawyer. Look for a reliable lawyer who has been known to successfully handle sexual assault cases in the past.


If you follow the tips above, you will have more chances of winning your case and proving that you have been wrongfully accused. Keep in mind that sexual assault cases are taken extremely seriously. Making sure to handle the situation in the right manner will give you more chances of clearing your name.

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