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Sex Crimes: Why You Should Hire An Attorney For These Cases

Sex crimes are quite common occurrences and can often leave mental and physical damage or in some cases the death of a victim. Because of this, they are extremely grave offences and are quite hard to escape when there is physical evidence that proves a perpetrator guilty. It is important to note that there are cases wherein people are falsely accused of violations of the laws regarding sex crimes. When this happens, you will not want to be caught in the middle of it, and that is when you should hire the services of a criminal defence attorney. 

When convicted of a sex crime in Massachusetts, this puts you in the registry of sex offenders for life, as well as hefty fines and lengthy jail terms. Putting it simply, your entire life changes once the judge drops the hammer with a sentence, which is why you’ll want your name cleared of any misconceptions or wrong accusations. 

Defences To Sex Crimes

In some instances, sex crimes can be hard to prove or trace. Depending on the gravity of the case and the amount of physical evidence available, it may be hard to trace the violations to you personally. Having a good lawyer who specializes in Massachusetts law will allow you to find the best plan of action to tackle your case. Here are a few cases that can act as defences against a sex crime:

Reasonable Doubt Regarding The Occurrence Of The Crime

Unless there is tangible evidence presented, such as a video or photos that clearly indicate the sex offender’s facial features and other familiar pieces of evidence, the case is likely very weak. When there is a lack of proof that the event actually occurred, it becomes easier to defend the case of the accused sex offender. Some instances in court are even proven to be fraudulent cases to “get revenge” on a wrongly accused defendant. 

Wrongly Identified Sex Offender

Another tactic criminal defence attorneys use is to prove that the accused is a wrongly identified suspect and that the true perpetrator is still at large. This is commonly used because without hard proof that the person arrested was directly involved with a sex crime, it could naturally be someone else. With large cities and so many people caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, the chances of being wrongfully convicted are high. 

Consent Of The Alleged Victim

A good and skilled criminal defence attorney can be able to prove that a victim gave consent to the alleged defendant. While this is difficult, some instances prove otherwise through the use of timestamped messages and other forms of evidence. It has been seen in court that some victims often fraudulently accuse people of personal reasons rather than actual crimes committed, so a good lawyer can prevent this. 


No matter what sex crime you are being investigated or charged with, you will want to call in an attorney who is experienced in Massachusetts criminal law. A life of being convicted and stamped as a sex offender is enough to ruin someone’s life, and that is something you do not want to happen to you. If you plan to live a complete and comfortably normal life, it is advisable to hire the services of a proper criminal defence lawyer.

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