3 Ways a Criminal Charge Can Affect Your Future as a Student

Boston is a well-known city in the US and a place that many students call home. With plenty of colleges and universities in the city and around it, it has been the hub for many to come and earn the education they need. Unfortunately, with the constant student population growth, other factors such as crime rates have also increased. Problems like under-age drinking, assault, drug use, and the likes have caused plenty of trouble, and for some of these students, these crimes have led to the demise of their future. Fortunately, lawyers are also around to defend these student’s future, ensuring their life remains a bright one.

Are you wondering how a run-in with the law might affect your future as a student? If so, here is a brief explanation of three different aspects of your life that will be impacted by a criminal charge:


Gaining employment is a challenge in itself to overcome, but with a criminal record, it becomes even tougher. Employers tend to look for qualified applicants with clean criminal records to ensure they are working with talent that will not cause trouble. Having a criminal record is a sign that the individual has committed something illegal, which makes the employer fear the possibility of another illegal activity during the individual’s employment. They may also fear that working with such an individual can put the well-being and safety of their other employees at risk. 

If you have a criminal record, people will have more hesitations about hiring you. They do not want to put their business at risk of a situation that will hurt their performance, reputation, and more. For that reason, having a lawyer defend your case is vital to secure your professional life.

 Financial Aid

 The government offers federally subsidized loans to help individuals such as students with their financial needs. Unfortunately, students with a criminal record—specifically in cases that revolve around the possession or sale of a controlled substance—will not be eligible to be granted these loans. Any existing loans may also be delayed or discontinued altogether.

The timespan for the ineligibility periods will vary depending on the crime committed and the number of offenses. For example, if you are found to possess an illegal substance for the first time, the ineligibility period will last for one year. The second offense will last two years, and the third offense will be indefinite.

Student Visas

For foreign students, the only way they can ever stay legally in the country is to obtain a student visa to continue their students. Unfortunately, a criminal record can hamper their ability to obtain one, either delaying it or even having their application denied outright. Other penalties also include denial of immigration benefits and denial of entry in the US.

For students that are already in the US, any offenses revolving around the use and sale of controlled substances can lead to deportation, meaning they are removed from the US.


As you can see, criminal offenses come with severe consequences as a student. They will hamper your future and even your immediate life, hurting your chances of achieving your dreams and dooming your future self. To ensure you do not leave your future up to risk, we highly recommend working with expert lawyers that can defend your rights as a student here in Boston, Massachusetts. They will ensure that your future is kept bright and promising, making sure your mistakes now do not lead to a dark end.

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