Arrested in Massachusetts

What You Should Do If You Get Arrested in Massachusetts

Not breaking any laws does not mean you are not at risk of being arrested. In fact, you could face arrest for a crime you didn’t know you committed or does not seem worthy of arrest. Worse, it can happen to you even if you did not commit a crime and are being falsely accused. 

Getting arrested can be confusing and scary. It’s advisable to stay prepared for it, just in case. To get started, you should know your rights and the ways to best exercise them. Here are some things you should do if you are arrested in Massachusetts:

  • Don’t consent to a search

When you’re in high-stress situations, it’s easy to mistake a question for a demand. Police officers usually ask for permission to search your home, car, other belongings, or even yourself. Remember that it’s within your rights to politely decline. When this happens, you can use the phrase, “I politely decline to consent to a search.” 

  • Don’t make small talk with the police

Some arresting or booking officers can be charming and make you feel a false sense of security. They can be smooth talkers, but they are not your friends during your arrest or booking process. Anything you say—even seemingly innocent comments—can be turned over to the prosecutor and used against you. It’s usually wise to completely avoid small talk.

  • Never resist arrest

Whether you are innocent or not, if you are put under arrest, never fight the officer who is detaining you. Getting into a fight with the police can lead you to get injured and put you at risk of having additional or far more charges. 

Furthermore, your chances of escaping are very unlikely. It does not matter if you are being arrested unfairly, unlawfully, or unjustly since this will have to be determined in court anyway. Simply stay put and keep your wits about you. 

  • Don’t talk about your case on the phone

When someone is arrested in Massachusetts, they are allowed to make one phone call from the police station. These calls are usually recorded, so never talk about the allegations on the phone. It’s best to keep your call short and request instead for bail or arrange a meeting with an attorney.

  • Hire a criminal defense attorney

Don’t discuss the allegations with the police. You can even say that you’re not answering any questions without an attorney present. When looking for an attorney, make sure to work with a skilled and knowledgeable one like us.

If you have been arrested by a Massachusetts State or Federal Law Enforcement Agency and you need immediate assistance from a criminal lawyer in Boston, feel free to reach out to us. We take pride in being one of the best criminal attorneys in Massachusetts, and we will help you protect your rights, reputation, and freedom.


Being arrested is understandably confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent your bad situation from getting worse, such as the tips mentioned above. Don’t forget to team up with experienced criminal defense lawyers like us to protect your criminal records and future employment opportunities.

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