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What To Look for In A Boston Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve ever been charged with a criminal offense, then you know how traumatic things can get. Whether it’s a sticky situation or not, the best will always suffice. Defense attorneys generally defend the rights of criminals and alleged criminals.

Crimes vary on a very large scale – from murder, drug dealing, extortion and theft to white-collar crimes. Whatever the crime is expect a Boston criminal defense attorney to ensure you have a fair trial. Along with this responsibility, you need an attorney with certain attributes and skills set.

If you need the best defense, consider these attributes before choosing an attorney.

  • A nose for investigation

Not a literal one but you get the picture. Prosecutors often have an advantage when it comes to criminal trials. That’s because they have access to a vast array of reports and evidence. An attorney has to work from scratch. The best go the extra mile to uncover information vital to your case.

It’s this effort to turn every rock that sets the best from the rest. Your Case is dead with if an attorney is lousy at an investigation. Witnesses must be found and interviewed; scenes visited; photos and recordings as well. Every aspect of the case needs cognitive attention. For a top defense attorney, the little things matter. The smallest detail could be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

  • An astute and technically sound legal defense.

What’s the point of all the investigation if you can’t use it? You need a defense attorney that knows the law. A Boston criminal defense attorney must possess this attribute. Not one who knows everything but everything about your case. Law books, authorities, reports and discoveries are documents an attorney should be familiar with.

Motions will be filed and things will get technical very fast. You need a professional who can challenge the veracity of documents, particularly those against you. All paperwork crucial to the case can be challenged. Technicalities are often the difference between getting off, light or long sentence.

  • The knack for negotiation

Every criminal defense attorney needs this attribute. You’ll be surprised at the amazing number of cases without of court settlements. Defense attorneys often have to negotiate agreements or ‘cut deals’ that help you. With a sense of duty and responsibility, a defense attorney must get the best deal for his client. All possibilities are examined. This includes, whether you have a case and likelihood of conviction.

It should be such that even if the odds are stacked against you, a good negotiator will take some edge off. A good attorney knows his client to the hilt. This knowledge helps to negotiate better.

  • The ability to persuade

All attorneys – defense or otherwise – must have the ability to persuade. You must persuade to convince the court about your position? A good Boston criminal defense attorney should be able to persuade the court to see things his way.

The judge and jury are not left out. A defense attorney often has to make arguments and addresses. They have to win over or at least make those involved think. If you’re looking to hire an attorney, persuasion is an attribute you can’t ignore.

Your next steps

You need a defense attorney that wins. This is the hard part. Track records speak volumes and help you pick out the best.

For several years, we have helped a lot of people avoid criminal convictions and protect their future employment opportunities. Also, we have helped a lot of clients through different criminal cases and have come out victorious. Criminal Attorney Frank Fernandez exists to protect your interest. It’s our pledge.

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