, Top 5 Reasons to Hire The Fernandez Firm

Top 5 Reasons to Hire The Fernandez Firm

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If you are in a situation and are facing criminal charges, you will want to give serious consideration to hiring a Boston criminal defense attorney. Simply put you will need to make a very good decision as your future may hang in the outcome, protect your reputation, and make certain that your voice is heard, make the right decision.

The Fernandez Firm has extensive expertise and a depth of understanding of all Boston, Massachusetts criminal law issues. The Fernandez Firm has the determination and dedication needed to attain the best possible outcome for every customer and that’s what sets us apart. Here are five reasons to consider us as your legal representation.


It does not matter if you have been charged with a minor crime or a critical federal offense, here at The Fernandez Firm you will receive a personable experience not pushed through the process as just another numbered client. We take pride in being approachable and accessible, making sure we meet and discuss your inquiries and concerns constantly. The Fernandez Firm realizes that facing criminal charges of any scale will absolutely be a stressful and frightening experience. Frank Fernandez takes every opportunity to understand his customers and the conditions pertaining to each and every situation. By doing this he ensures that every customer clearly understands the information they are supplied, including the law as it pertains to the fees and processes involves, the court procedure to be expected, available alternatives, and the most probable outcomes.

2. UNIQUELY QUALIFIED For Criminal Defense Cases:
As a former prosecutor Frank Fernandez is perfectly qualified for all matters regarding Boston criminal law. Criminal law encompasses a vast selection of offenses that can fall under either Federal and State law enforcement. The Fernandez Firm has acted for countless customers on a broad array of Boston criminal cases. Each instance will have its own unique set of conditions. Whether your criminal charges include medications, theft, vandalism, fraud, assault, homicide, arson, sexual offenses, or offenses against a young child, The Fernandez Firm has extensive and broad expertise in all Boston criminal law cases, giving our customers the peace of mind they need at their time of need.

3. COMMUNICATION Always Available:
The Fernandez Firm, each and every case is built around our availability and strength in communication with our clients. We are available for your calls around the clock, 24/7 and 365 days a week. Never leaving you on your own whn you need your Boston criminal lawyer the most. We will always give you the most detailed and easy to comprehend advice as possible in all situations so you can best know what to expect and not be kept in the dark. You’re going to get honest, straight-forward replies to all of your inquiries and concerns.

4. YOUR REPUTATION Is Our Top Priority:
The vulnerability of your criminal activities or the unwanted Press coverage can very quickly destroy your reputation and current community standings. That is why at The Fernandez Firm we aim to always keep the prosecution process as short as possible if it all by inspecting all aspects of the prosecution. By doing this we can often detect severe defects and weaknesses in the case against you. The sooner you contact an experienced criminal lawyer, the better chance you have to find these weaknesses and avoid your community reputation being ruined.

At The Fernandez Firm, we don’t work on any sort of a fee structure that works on hourly charges or six-minute increments. We see using fee methods such as this will only result in inflated costs and customer dissatisfaction. Instead, Attorney Frank Fernandez offers restricted and fixed fee bundles with legal prices which are exceptionally competitive and honest. Having a composed fixed fee arrangement in place, you’ll be clear from the beginning on what to expect.

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