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Property Damage Due to Drunk Driving—Legal Implications

Drunk driving is a serious issue that has caused numerous fatalities and property damage in the United States and worldwide. In the US alone, it is estimated that over 10,000 people die every year in alcohol-related crashes. 

Unfortunately, property damage is often a consequence of these crashes and a financial burden to those involved. This article will discuss the various types of property damage resulting from drunk driving and how to seek financial compensation if you have been the victim of such an incident.

Learn more about drunk driving, property damage, and where to find a criminal lawyer. If the drunk driver totaled the other motorist’s automobile, their insurance company must cover either the cost of repairs or the car’s market value.

Drunk drivers put themselves and others in danger, including pedestrians and others not even on the road. Drunk driving-related property damage can be expensive and highly upsetting when it involves priceless items. The law protects those who experience property damage due to drunk driving.

State DUI laws provide liability for alcohol distributors, including bars, restaurants, and retail businesses, in addition to personal liability. The owner of such a business may be liable for damages in numerous jurisdictions if a customer suffers injuries in a drunk-driving-related motor accident. 

To learn more, you should review the local legislation in your area about who can be held legally responsible for property damage and what kinds of injuries an injured driver can pursue because these restrictions vary significantly from state to state.

Repression and Criminal Accusations

Legal actions may result from the harm and injuries caused by drunk drivers. For instance, a drunk driver who damages property can spend a few days in jail, have their license suspended, or be required to bond before release.

Pay for Any Damage

The second sanction for intoxicated drivers who cause property damage is the requirement to pay the loss. Because there are so many variables that could affect whether the property owner receives money or not, this is where things could get complicated for them.

One aspect is claiming property damage and supporting it with evidence. If you wish to prove that the motorist was under the influence of alcohol when they smashed into your property, you will need to observe and possibly video the incident. You must take a photo of the crash site to support your claims further.

If the state where the accident happened has laws that support financial penalties for negligent drunk drivers, the property owner will have an easier time obtaining monetary compensation. This is another element that might help a claim made by a property owner.

The insurance coverage and provider of the drunk driver are other elements that affect whether the property owner will be reimbursed. It might be challenging for the property owner to obtain fair financial compensation if the driver doesn’t have insurance.

But, if the motorist is insured, the property owner can receive payment immediately. The property owner must employ a criminal attorney in Boston to help them recover what is lawfully theirs because there are dishonest insurance companies out there who might not want to offer the owner of the property a fair settlement.

Although a property collision caused by drunk driving cannot be characterized as an intentional act, under DUI (Driving Under the Influence) laws, property damage caused by DUI is considered a criminal act that should be dealt with legally to teach the offender a severe lesson and to deter others from drinking and driving.

It is more crucial than ever that you retain legal counsel if your disability contributed to an auto accident you were involved in. Even though there are several ways to avoid being found guilty of drunk driving, it can be challenging to defend yourself against the claims made against you. In addition to hundreds of dollars in civil fines, you may be charged with criminal DUI extraditable offenses if you cause property damage while under the influence.


Choose a DUI specialist instead of a law firm that claims to handle a variety of legal difficulties. DUI defense attorneys, in contrast to other lawyers, are knowledgeable about the rules and tactics for winning cases involving drunk driving. They may use this knowledge to increase your chances of prevailing in court.

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