Hire The Fernandez Firm and Get Your Legal Matters Solved Today By An Experienced Boston Criminal Lawyer

Law and order are necessary to keep society functioning smoothly. Whenever we compare a country where the law is implied and followed by land where criminals roam around freely, we see marked differences in societal stability.

The law and order situation in Boston is maintained with the help of police officials. Although they are quite good at their job, they sometimes accuse others with false allegations and arrest them. In this type of situation, you will surely need a Boston Criminal Lawyer.

Apart from that, you can find yourself involved in any dire situation, and the intricate legal system can make it impossible for you to come out from the mingle-jingle of law and its complexities. To counter situations like these, you will need a solicitor who can help you come out of such cases.

Now, there are many law firms situated in Boston who are claimants of providing the best soliciting services with their Boston criminal lawyer. But the one upon which you should trust is The Fernandez Firm.

The founder of The Fernandez Firm is Attorney Frank Fernandez. He is a highly skilled and passionate lawyer. He has spent 25 years of his life as a Boston Criminal Lawyer, soliciting and resolving thousands of different cases. Before starting his private practice, Attorney Fernandez worked as a District Attorney in St. Louis.

Services Provided:

The Fernandez Law Firm is providing consultations in different areas of criminal law. Their services include:

  • Free Case Evaluation; where you can contact them and get your case evaluated for free.
  • 24/7 Support: Boston Criminal Lawyers belonging to The Fernandez Law Firm are available 24/7 for you. You can consult them at any time of the day regarding assistance in legal matters.
  • Multilingual Support: Boston Criminal Lawyers and staff at The Fernandez Law Firm are aware of many different languages. This helps people of other countries and races to consult them without any language barrier. The firm has been assisting the Spanish community in the US for over 25 years.

Understanding of Legal Complexities:

Finding yourself in a legal matter can be very intimidating. And this is where Frank Fernandez and other Boston criminal lawyers of his legal firm will come to your rescue. Feel free to consult them about your matter with a complete guarantee of your privacy. The way Fernandez and his associates handle the case will enable you to take control of your case.

Prognosis of your Case:

One of the best things about hiring Mr. Fernandez and his firm is that they told you EVERYTHING you should know about your case. Their assistance will allow you to know about every single matter and aspect of your case. Not only that, but they will also tell you about what you can expect when it comes to the outcomes of your case. This will help you in judging your course of action.


Experience is the best teacher, and Frank Fernandez has proved this saying. With experience of more than 25 years, Mr. Fernandez knows about every single complexity of the US and Boston’s legal system. His skills in this field will help you in during every course of your case. From evidence collection until the development of a solid case, you will find his assistance with you at every step.

Interaction with Law Enforcement Agencies:

Often, people find it very hard to communicate with the police and other law enforcement agencies. This results in them being coming under pressure. To deal with situations like these, you can always consult Frank Fernandez. His experience with police and other law enforcement agencies will help you negotiate with them on better terms.


Frank Fernandez and his firm have been busy providing the people with ultimate ease regarding legal matters, especially criminal law. If you, too, find yourself stuck in any such situation, you can always contact The Fernandez Firm at (617) 393-0250. You can also send an email to them at