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Woman on bus from mattapan to forest hills assaults bus driver by spitting on her and hitting her with metal pipe

A woman was arrested in Boston on Sunday for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for spitting in the face of a bus driver and hitting her with a metal pipe. The assault occurred in boston on a bus from Mattapan to Forest Hills after the bus driver insisted the woman pay her fare. The woman was found a block away from her stop by Boston Police. While leaving the bus she spit on the driver and then removed a metal pipe and hit her in the arm with it.

Assault and battery charges in Boston can be issued in variety of ways, from simple assault and battery, assault and battery on a police officer or public employee, domestic assault and battery, or if a weapon is involved you can be charged with Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, kicking someone with a shoe or boot can be considered a dangerous weapon.

Assault and battery charges are serious and you need an experienced boston criminal lawyer to help fight the case. Domestic assault and battery is common and the police will always arrest someone if they show up to a home and someone accuses the other of hitting them, no matter whether an injury is visible or whether the alleged victim later claims it did not happen, the police will make an arrest.

A good criminal lawyer who knows how to handle assault and battery charges in boston needs to get involved quickly. Get advice on charges ranging from simple assault, domestic assault and battery or assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and other Crimes of Violence by calling or e-mailing to schedule a Free Confidential Consultation to discuss your specific case with a Boston Criminal Lawyer, Contact Us Online or call 617-393-0250


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Frank Fernandez is an experienced criminal lawyer in boston who knows how to challenge identification procedures involved in cases of Home Invasion, Armed Robbery, Armed Assault to Murder and other Crimes of Violence. Please call or e-mail to schedule a Free Confidential Consultation and discuss your specific case with a Boston Criminal Lawyer, Contact Us Online or call 617-393-0250.

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