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MBTA bus driver charged with drunk driving after bus accident in somerville ...

John McCarthy, 61, and MBTA bus driver rear-ended a vehicle Friday night while working driving and MBTA bus in Somerville. No serious injuries resulted to either passengers on the bus or in the other vehicle. Mr. McCartney was found to have open bottle of vodka in his back pocket, police charged him with operating under the influence.

Massachusetts court of appeals upholds conviction for drunk driving charge where only evidence of operation was that the defendant turned the key to turn on the electricity in the vehicle ...

Robert McGillivary appealed his conviction of OUI 4th offense based on the fact that he had merely turned the key in the ignition to start the electricity in the car and argued to the court that this was not enough to show operation of the vehicle.

Arrest made after fatal hit and run in chelsea ...

Luis Gabriel Escalante, 22, will be arraigned in Chelsea district court this morning on charges of motor vehicle homicide and leaving the scene of an accident. Charges stem from a December 14, 2010 accident in which Julio Vaquerano of Revere, 36, was hit while in Chelsea near Blossom and Maple Street. The driver at the time left the scene leaving Vaquerano with severe injuries and trauma. Vaquerano was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital.

4 Kilos of heroin found in lawrence apartment, 6 people arrested ...

A joint task force consisting of both state and federal agents raided a lawrence apartment on Union street Wednesday night and discovered over $3.2 Million dollars of Heroin (street value), or 4 kilos.

Number of crimes quadrupled at andrew MBTA Station last year ...

Of all MBTA stations Andrew station saw the biggest increase in serious crimes in 2010. In 2009 five crimes were reported, all thefts at Andrew station; in 2010, 22 serious crimes were reported, 14 of which were robberies, there were also two assault and battery charges reported.


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