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Arrests by massachusetts transit police for sex crime of open and gross lewdness is up in 2010 ...

35 people have been arrested by transit police in 2010 for open and gross lewdness on public transit in massachusetts compared to only 19 arrests in 2009.

The latest arrest was this Friday when Donnie McLean, 46, a registered level 3 sex offender with two prior convictions for open and gross lewdness was arrested on the route 28 bus in Dorchester after exposing himself to a woman. The woman got off at the Ruggles police station and reported him to the authorities who arrested him shortly after.

Massachusetts state police agree to work with immigration enforcement (ICE) to deport immigrants ...

Massachusetts State police have agreed to participate in the Secure Communities program which calls for the police to share information on the identity of arrested suspects with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If ICE then discovers the newly arrested person is unlawfully present in the U.S. they can choose to issue a detainer, or hold, causing the person to be held for ICE to take custody of him for deportation. The program claims it is being implemented to target illegal aliens who are found to have serious criminal records and not meant as a tool to deport all immigrants without proper status.

Shooting at lowell new year’s eve party leaves one dead seven injured ...

Two men who were asked to leave a new year’s eve party in Lowell returned shortly after 1am and opened fire on the partygoers. Killing a 20 year old woman Corrina Ouer and injuring seven others.

Jameson Phoun, 20, and Sothy Voeun, 19 were arrested and face arraignment on Murder charges today in Lowell district court.

Two Boston MBTA employees chase down at attempted robber who threatened a commuter with a knife in south station ...

Two MBTA employees chased down a suspect who approached a woman brandishing a knife at 7am this morning in south station. The woman screamed for help attracting the attention of the MBTA workers who were able to detain the suspect until police arrived. The man was caught on surveillance video during the incident.

Chelsea clerk magistrate sentenced in massachusetts federal court to 2 years in jail for receiving oral sex from 2 accused prostitutes in exchange for help in getting rid of their cases ...

A former clerk magistrate of the Chelsea district court was sentenced in federal court yesterday to two years in jail for deprivation of civil rights. The case involved two women who faced criminal charges in Chelsea court and promises by 43 year old Burke, the magistrate, to help dismiss their cases in return for oral sex. The women gave him oral sex in the courthouse, one woman being removed by Burke from custody to do so.


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