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200 Pounds of cocaine seized in revere by federal and massachusetts state agents ...

State and Federal agents tracked the delivery of 89 kilos of cocaine from Texas to Revere, MA where they then busted Gilberto Padilla and Rafael Montero as they removed the drugs from a hidden compartment under the trailer. Both defendants were charged with Trafficking in over 200grams of Cocaine and were held on 5 million dollars bail.

Framingham teenager swallows white baggie suspected to be cocaine after car stop, fights with framingham police ...

A Framingham teenager was pulled over by police for not using his signal to make a turn. When the police approached him to ask for his license and registration he made a quick movement to the center console where the officer saw a small baggie with a white powdery substance in it he believed to be cocaine. The teenager struggled with the officer and eventually was able to swallow the baggie. He was charged with assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, failing to provide license and registration and not using a turn signal.

Dedham man shoots wife and daughter before turning the gun on himself ...

Dedham, Massachusetts resident William Spada shot his wife Patricia Spada then his daughter Deidre Spada before turning the gun on himself in a domestic violence incident which left him and his wife dead and his daughter in the hospital in critical condition. The daughter’s boyfriend was an eyewitness who narrowly escaped the shooting by running out of the house.

Massachusetts has a zero tolerance policy towards acts of domestic violence. If police respond to a home and a party alleges that a threat or an assault occurred they will make an arrest. This is done to avoid the police getting blamed for not diffusing what later can be an explosive situation as the one which occurred yesterday at the Spada home.

Student faces sexual assault charges for questionable wrestling move used on another student during wrestling practice ...

A highschool wrestler in Fresno, California faces sexual assault charges for performing a “butt drag” wrestling move on another student in practice.

A “butt drag” is a wrestling move in which a wrestler grabs the other between the butt cheeks to gain leverage to either move his opponent or swing himself into a better position. It does not include sticking ones fingers inside the rectum of the other wrestler but can be performed by gaining leverage between the butt cheeks without any type of penetration.

Two men convicted in taunton district court for threats against a police and probation officer made in a wrap video posted online ...

Two men were convicted in Taunton district court of threatening law enforcement related to a wrap video they had posted online in which a massachusetts state trooper and probation officer were directly threatened by name. One of the men Jason Foley, 29, was convicted of witness intimidation and threatening to commit a crime. He was sentenced to two years probation and banned from accessing the internet or using a computer.


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