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A Family Member’s Guide to Basic Wrongful Death Lawsuits

No matter how old you may be, what you do in life, or how big your circle is, dealing with a loved one’s death is one of the hardest experiences you could go through. While dealing with the demise of a family member or a loved one is already tough, having it happen because of another’s actions further elevates the anguish of the situation. Whether it was because of negligence or pure malice, such an event should never be taken lightly or not dealt with accordingly.

In any case of wrongful death, it’s clear that one of the vital tasks on the agenda is to seek just compensation for the departed life and the loss of potential income, affection, and services. Although no amount of money could possibly bring a loved one back, seeking retribution and compensation for such a tragic event can bring a semblance of peace and justice for the affected family. 

Beyond having the right amount of passion to seek justice, there’s another vital part of the equation that anyone must consider when avenging a loved one’s wrongful departure: Filing a proper lawsuit against the guilty party.

An introduction to wrongful death lawsuits

These legal actions are best defined as a personal injury claim filed to legally seek compensation from a guilty party responsible for a person’s death. 

Through this process, the court and a complainant’s legal team will seek to properly gauge how much must be paid and ensure that the departed’s family successfully receives compensation for their loss. Such lawsuits are essential to pursue because they allow a bereaved family to fairly receive what is owed to them while adhering to all the legal complexities and standards involved.

A quick overview of the process

At the start of a wrongful death claim, the deceased’s family must first choose the right representative who will serve as the plaintiff in an action on behalf of a loved one. If the necessary documentation exists, the chosen person is determined with the help of the last will that was left behind, which will eventually be probated.

With the help of a dependable legal professional—such as the practitioners at The Frank Fernandez Firm—a representative can rightfully seek compensation when a wrongful death claim is brought in. Such a professional will help you prove that your loved one’s death was caused by the recklessness or negligence of another person, business, or entity, which eventually resulted in a negative financial effect on the deceased’s estate. If the lawsuit is successful, then the necessary compensation for medical bills, burial expenses, and lost potential or future earnings will be awarded by the court and enforced on the guilty party.


As tragic as it sounds to deal with the passing of a loved one, it’s vital to ensure that the necessary legal actions are taken so that justice can be served right away. With this quick guide’s help, you can waste no time in being served justly by making you understand what needs to be done so legalities and justice will prevail on your family’s side!

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