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3 Criminal Law Myths That Shroud People’s Understanding of Justice

Law is a complicated field as it stands, and this is the reason why attorneys go to school for years and even take their undergraduate degree related to the field. In terms of jurisprudence, it’s a field that you have to love and have a passion for because it’s extremely challenging to succeed as a lawyer. The justice system is always at use in the United States daily, and the best lawyers in Boston can assure you that it’s not a job for the faint of heart. 

People often grow up with misconceptions about the justice system, and this can get them into trouble as they age and actually experience various situations that can put them at risk. A criminal attorney in Boston typically deals with various cases of run-ins with the law, and some can be reminiscent of things seen in the movies or TV shows. Here are some criminal justice myths that lawyers advise people to take into consideration to avoid issues with the law:

  • The Police Officer Is Always Going to Be Your Friend

Keep in mind that police officers are there to do their jobs, and some may not always act with following protocols because of the heat of the moment. As much as your parents or relatives may have told you that the police officer is going to be your friend and you should tell them everything and follow suit, that’s not always advisable. Without looking at recent times with the law enforcement system failing to uphold the right values, being a police officer is also a difficult job that requires plenty of quick thinking. 

These men and women who uphold and enforce the law are not all bad, and most times, it just so happens that they have lapses in judgment. In fact, it’s mostly a thankless job and many do not respect them because of a few bad apples. However, from the standpoint of a criminal attorney in Boston, law enforcement will often act in tandem with the political climate of the state at hand. The best way to treat law enforcement is with respect and just remember your Miranda Rights. At the end of the day, the policeman or woman will do what they believe is best for the situation at hand, and they often don’t use correct judgment because of an adrenaline rush. 

  • Telling the Truth Means You’ll Be Spared

Telling the truth is not always received as the truth, despite what investigators tell you about wanting to just get as much information as possible. These professionals typically already have an idea of what they believe the truth is, and you stating a truth that isn’t similar to theirs may come out with you as the liar. In many cases, the issue with criminal justice is that people are too quick to talk and spill whatever information they know without contacting a lawyer. The best criminal lawyer in Boston, MA, will tell you that keeping your information withheld and contacting your attorney will help you with your case. 

  • Doing the Morally Correct Thing isn’t Punishable By Law

There are plenty of “vigilante justice” cases that shroud criminal law because people believe that what they perceive is morally correct will end up with them as the “hero.” The issue with this is that “the right thing to do” is often blurred and people have different definitions of what that means. There are many people with a broken moral compass and believe that what they are going to do will benefit those around them. However, the law never changes and if the action is punishable by criminal law, the law will always prevail. In most cases that might be unclear to you, contact the right authorities and get an attorney if you’re caught in the midst of things. 


The law is confusing, and that’s something that has been evident since the beginning of the whole field of jurisprudence. It takes a professional to navigate the field, which is why the best lawyers exist to give clients the right fighting chance in court. These misconceptions have gotten many people in trouble with the law, which is why keeping them in mind will help you be safer in your daily interactions. 

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